Precautions for using SiC plates

  1. The storage spot of SiC refractory materials should keep dried away from mist and wetness.
  2. Do not pile SiC plates on top of one another, it is preferable to put them in a vertical order.
  3. After the SiC plate is sprayed with alumina coating, it should be laid dried around the kiln before use.
  4. After the product is glazed, the bottom of the glazed product should be cleaned.
  5. When building SiC plates in the kiln car, the supporter should be aligned.
  6. The distance between SiC plates should keep at 15-20mm.
  7. The design of the firing cycle curve should meet the requirement of normal operation. Avoid heating or cooling in a short time.
  8. When cooling begins, it should be cooled gradually, avoid extracting cold air to get a fast cooling.
  9. When moving from the kiln, one should avoid carrying it at high temperatures or hitting it.

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