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SiSiC Burner Nozzle

The SiSiC burners/nozzles are the key components of the complete set of equipment for many kinds of kilns. Especially for the heating furnace whether the fuel is natural gas, LPG, or oil,

They can control and adjust the temperature balance inside the kiln effectively.

1. Excellent corrosion and abrasion resistance

2. Excellent oxidation resistance

3. High performance of mechanical strength

4. High thermal conductivity

5. Low coefficient of thermal expansion

6. Good dimensional control of complex shapes with good flatness

7. High energy efficiency

8. Easy installation

Boilers, Annealing furnaces, Ceramic kilns, Glass furnaces, Metallurgy furnaces, etc.




Max. Working Temperature

1380 ℃

Bulk Density

≥3.02 g/cm³

Apparent Porosity

< 0.1 %

Bending Strength (20℃)

250 MPa

Bending Strength (1200℃)

280 MPa

Elastic Modulus (20℃)

330 GPa

Elastic Modulus (1200℃)

300 GPa

Thermal Conductivity

45 (1200℃) W/m.k

Thermal Expansion Coefficient

4.5  K-1×10-6

Vickers Hardness

20 GPa

Alkalinity and Acidity