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Firller Thermal Materials Co., Ltd.

Established in 2015, we are a comprehensive refractory company that set manufacturing, trading and engineering service as one.

Our purpose is to use advanced materials to help customers make more efficient use of the energy, and to improve the quality of goods. Our people are focused to improve customers and our business’s manufacturing and operational processes.

We offer principal three types of silicon carbide products, including plates, props, beams, rollers and other shapes of products which are mainly used for sanitary ware, tableware, art ceramics, construction ceramics, electronic ceramics,  high-voltage porcelain, magnetic materials and many other applications.

Quality Control

We control the quality from the beginning by the mean of setting the raw material inspection with our suppliers.

Reasonable Price

We are targeting on a long term business cooperation with all the customers . Competitive price will offer as a support.

Experts in Refractory

We can evaluate possible refractory solutions for your specific application rapidly and expertly.

Timely Delivery

Holding ourselves to high standards when it comes to delivery on time.

OEM Available

We support any form of OEM customization requirements.

Global Support

Contact us to solve all your after-sales problems.

Main Area of the Workshop